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There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, and 12 months in a year. The clock is always ticking. The clock never slows down or speeds up, it’s always constant.

The current average life span of the modern human is around 79 years. Take into account though this isn’t guaranteed, if anything it may be the best-case scenario. In 2020, Covid-19 served as a reminder of how random and brutal life can be at times.

Our days are numbered all the way down to the second and truthfully it’s an uncomfortable thought. I think to some extent it’s why so many of us will spend our whole life living as if we have all the time in the world. We don’t want to acknowledge the inevitable truth of life-it ends. Time is our most valuable form of currency because it is non-refundable. Once it is spent you can never get it back. Think for a moment of all the time you wasted. It’s probably more time than you can even fathom regardless of age. I am no different in this regard. There are countless hours and days I wish I could have back but it isn’t possible. All we can do is maximize what we have left, the present moment.

We often think of time as a linear progression moving forward on a measurable line from past to present to future. In doing so we allocate all of our attention to the past and future. We think of what we will do differently in the future or would change in the past. Our attention is in a constant tug of war match being pulled in two directions. The present moment falls by the wayside never receiving our full attention.

Our whole life is experienced in an eternal present moment. Yet most of us don’t notice this until it is too late. All of our attention is placed elsewhere on things, which in the grand scheme of our lives don’t matter. The average person will spend hours on their phone daily likely fixated on social media or other various bullshit. When we aren’t on our phones we will probably spend our time staring at a different screen, continuing the process of filling our mind with garbage.

Where our attention is spent matters. The places where we spend the bulk of our attention can influence the way we think and the things we ultimately do. If we want to change something in our life or ourselves wholly, we need to begin with considering where we want to spend our attention.

This isn’t a one-time fix either it is a constant effort. Over the course of life, our attention will naturally move and drift from one thing to another. This is why always attempting to be present in the moment is crucial. When we are present in the moment we can make informed decisions on where our attention is and ought to go.

Begin thinking of the person you want to be right now, not in the future, or wish you were in the past. Look to role models in your own life or people in history that inspire you and try to learn everything you can from them. Humble yourself to the reality of life and time so you can properly allocate your attention accordingly. Cut out the things that provide little to no value in your life, which also suck up your attention. The things you do daily and where your focus is drawn will, in the end, mold who you are. So, start paying attention.

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